Tuesday, April 28, 2009


*Posted November 11, 2008*

Well, gang, it’s 207-138.Time to wrap things up and give you a taste of the Hopeful Days—what we can expect from our new chief and his revitalization efforts of our bruised nation.

·New jobs!Lord knows I need one.B-Rock’s going to effectively create new jobs throughout the country, stimulating the economy and easing our burdens by…

·Middle-class tax cuts!I don’t have several houses, I have a little townhouse that needs rent before the fifth of every month.O’s the first president who I feel has ever truly understood the scope of being an average American, post-9/11, post-bailout, post-5 dollar gas.He’ll lead us.Maybe even more than lead us, he’ll unite us and show us a way out of this.

·Smarter kids!Barack Obama puts children first by investing in early childhood education, making sure our schools are adequately funded.No more morons!If in 15 years we have no garbagemen, I’ll eat my words.

·Greener!Just when we were starting to look like the Paraguay of the energy-and-politics world, now we’ll invest in alternative fuels, renewable energy, and MORE JOBS.

·A new political experiment!How can Old Government continue to work in this era or progressing problems?I am open to giving change a shot.Obama has been a leader on government transparency – refusing to take donations from lobbyists or PACs, improving disclosure and creating a database where the public can track federal contracts and earmarks.He’s giving us back our government!

·Neighbors!B-Rawk dedicated to improving our standing with all the snooty countries that think we’re going down the crapper.Barack Obama will continue the long American tradition of smart diplomacy to keep the country safe while improving America’s standing in the world.

·Band-Aids!Barack Obama’s health care plan will provide accessible, affordable coverage for all, and it will reduce health care costs for families.The dividedwefail.org commercials where everyone has to declare bankruptcy from mounting health care costs really get to me.And I should know, I’ve been paying off dental work for a year, and there’s still plenty to go.

·Metal detectors!Barry supports increasing security at our airports, ports and land borders, with the intention of protecting our communities, jobs and resources.Take that, Mexico.

·Peace time!Baraka is outta there.He’ll work with military commanders to responsibly end this war in Iraq and reevaluate it toward al Qaeda and real problems.

·Old folks!He’s committed to ensuring Social Security is safe and ready for our generation, our kids’ et al.This is in addition to eliminating income taxes for seniors making less than 50 grand!Basically, my grandma keeps her house.

·Camo Band-Aids!Barry’s supporting our troops, despite what the red states tell you.He will continue to support providing appropriate armor and will fund medical care here at home for the boys.

·Hey ladies!Obama is here for the women—their rights to choose, their rights for equal pay for equal work, and their options for childcare tax credit.Bristol Palin has a future because of B-Rock.

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