Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LOCAL: Top 5 Small Talks

Yes, columnist Dave was dishonorably discharged for being a lazy bum, but we still look back on his time here with fondness. To commemmorate his departure, here is a lost of his 5 best articles:

5. Possible Indy 4 Plots

For Indy week, Dave took an interesting route and reported on what might have been for the Indy franchise. He unearthed little known gems like Indiana Jones and the Monkey King to point out why these scripts were never greenlit in the first place. Included on his list in the rumored Frank Darabont script. That script was later revealed and analyzed by myself a few weeks later. Check out the archives, kids.

4. Top 5 Uggo Actresses

Running with an idea developed by me, Dave created an awesome list of actresses that for some reason or another, EVERYONE THINKS THEY ARE GOOD LOOKING! I'm sorry, Cameron Diaz is hideous. In unusual Dave fashion, he actually spent a lot of time and effort on the piece and accompanied his girls with pictures of them with makeup, sans makeup, average makeup, and also some funny pictures. This one is a good for a laugh unless you are a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker.


Probably the most laughout-loud article on this list, Dave mercilessly skewers Diablo Cody and her Juno script. Unfortunately, the photoshopped picture of Diablo Cody, complete with turd mustache, is no longer available and lost to time.-

2. 5 Things that George Lucas has Destroyed

When Dave's on his A-game, we get cool lists anchored in geeky pop-culture and accented with some photoshipped pictures. At a time when Lucas-hating was most popular (Clone Wars was terrible), Dave took the time to write a suprisingly long piece about other things turned to shit by the touch of Lucas.

1. Batman: Heroic Man in Cape or Republican Demigod?

Ever thought about which characters in the Dark Knight are Republican and which are Democrats? Well, now you don't have to because Dave has done all the thinking for you in his best piece for the site.

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