Saturday, April 25, 2009

NEWS: Largest Immigration Raid in U.S. History

*Originally Posted May 13, 2008*

Let's fire up the immigration debate again. It seems pretty clear that both parties don't approve of illegal immigrants who commit crimes (yet still nothing is done about them), but the big problem is what should be done with those that are just here to work. Federal officials raided an Iowa meat processing plant, arresting 390 people on immigration charges. Most of those 390 are currently being held at county jails and at a converted fairgrounds. Protests continue to pop up with Latinos saying that the U.S. government is splitting up families and turning against those who built this country. I say it's pretty simple: anyone who is here illegally should be deported immediately. Something about them not paying taxes ticks me off. Something about them stealing Social Security Numbers and committing other acts of identity theft ticks me off. And, of course, something about them taking jobs away from true blue Americans really ticks me off. Even though I have zero sympathy for these lawbreakers, and enjoy seeing them arrested, I recognize that in order to reach a compromise, some sort of temporary worker/amnesty program must be reached. But just look at that picture to the left...doesn't it just irritate you? HEY KID, YOUR DAD'S A CRIMINAL! HE DESERVED TO BE DEPORTED!

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In the case of a Texas Swingers club that forced 3 siblings (children) and their underage Aunt to perform sex acts on each other in front of the paying customers, Shauntel Mayo, one of the defendants, was actually dumb enough to let this case go to trial. The result: after only 4 minutes of deliberation, the jury finds Mayo guilty on three felony counts. The kicker: after an additional 6 minutes, the jury sentenced her to life in prison.

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