Saturday, April 25, 2009

POLITICS: 'Dubya' Movie Has a Cast

*Originally Posted May 13, 2008*

First the first time in film, a biopic is being made on a sitting President of the United States. Not only is 'W' being shot while Bush is still in office, Oliver Stone also plans to release it to theaters in October of this year (right before the election). The movie deserves a lot of credit for going out and finding legitimate actors (Josh Brolin, Scott Glenn, James Cromwell), but for such a controversial subject, there really is no shortage of liberal actors in Hollywood. One of the big questions is how true the film will be. Oliver Stone has already promised a "fair, true portrait of the man," but early script reviews show an awful lot of negative bias. There are scenes that show a drunken Bush driving a truck onto Bush Sr.'s lawn, a drunken Bush crashing a plane, President Bush giving out nicknames to the staff, choking on a pretzel, and snapping at Dick Cheney, "Just keep your ego in check. I'm the President. I'm the decider." I'm not saying any of that didn't happen, and even though W has made a lot of blunders, it's kind of hard to believe that Stone is painting an honest picture considering his agenda. It just seems that we jump from drunk Bush to cowboy Bush to hellbent on power Bush, and it creates an even greater caricature of the President, something we don't need.

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