Saturday, April 25, 2009

POLITICS: Obama Wins Nomination, Liberal Celebs Rejoice

*Posted June 5, 2008*

The end is here for Hillary Clinton, which is no real surprise to anyone who has been following the election. It is now mathematically impossible for her to pass Barack Obama, thus he has clinched the Democratic Nomination. Of course all the Hollywood Loony Lefties, some powerful (Oprah Winfrey), some not so powerful (Kate Walsh) are running around exclaiming how happy and excited they are. Susan Sarandon says she will leave the country if Obama loses (that would save us from dreadful perfomances like in Speed Racer). Aside from all that hogwash, what scares me is that all along, analysts and pundits were saying that this drawn out primary race would hurt the democrats in November because McCain will have already started campaigning months ahead of time. But what has John McCain been doing? He's still distancing himself from President Bush (good idea) and apparently he's been running around to some small towns across the country to either solidify a base or get exposure in usually-blue states (also good idea). But has he been relevant? Not so much. The Dems have stayed in the spotlight, and Obama, even though he didn't have the nomination, was still taking shots at McCain. Can Obama get organized in time? He won this race by planning ahead from the start and not centering on Super Tuesday like Hillary Clinton; I'm sure his camp has been planning ahead to the general election for quite some time. It's time for the big showdown. I wonder how Obama, who has been notoriously awful in past debates, will fare against McCain, who has the charisma and physique of a raisin. Early Top 10 Prediction: Obama 61% - McCain 39%

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