Sunday, April 26, 2009

SPORTS: Favre Drama Resolved?

*Posted August 8, 2008*

It was either this or the polluted Olympics, so the choice is simple. The crazy 24/7 coverage of Brett Favre doesn't end, but at least it has an answer. Favre was traded from the Packers to the Jets for a 4th round draft pick that could become a 3rd, 2nd, or 1st depending on how far the Jets make it this year with Favre behind center. Bear in mind that this isn't the end. We still get to hear about how Favre is doing at training camp, how well he is learning the system, the opening day hubbub, is he really happy in NY?, and how is Aaron Rodgers doing in GB?, and much much more if any of them make the playoffs. I doubt either of them will do it. Jacksonville is a lock for one of the wild cards, and the second one will be a battle between the Broncos, Steelers/Browns, and the Jets.

But let's not shed a tear for Favre. This is a guy who was disappointed that the GM (his boss) hired Mike McCarthy, not Mariucci like Favre wanted. Any quarterback who thinks he can run the team and the front office is a loon. Skip Bayless says he wouldn't be surprised if, after a couple of weeks, Favre decides his heart just isn't into a new team, city, and system and retires again. I say good riddance.

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