Saturday, April 25, 2009

TV: Katherine Heigl Still Sucks

*Posted June 12, 2008*

I have always hated Gay's Anatomy, and now Katherine Smeagol's latest "fuck you" to the producers assures that I will always hate the show and its cast. You see, I've despised the fact that given the choice between the Office and Gay's, more people are choosing Gay's EVERY WEEK! Look at that Creed clip again! The Office is soooo much better. And it's not because Gay's is another hospital show. I like ER and House, but you could set Gay's in any setting (have them all work in a courtroom or a bakery and the outcome will remain the same) and still hate the characters. Meredith is kind of a slut, and the ex-wife already has a spin off after only 4 years!!! But I digress.... Katherine Smeagol first starting pissing people off when she spoke out against Knocked Up, saying that it painted women as "shrews, humorless and uptight" and that it was hard for her to love the movie. Then, using the success from the show and Knocked Up, she stars in the stinker 27 Dresses, but tells people that she wouldn't pay to see it. Thanks, Deagol. Now, after he surprise Emmy win last year, she pulls out of the race because she claims the material didn't warrant it, and that she wants to preserve the integrity of the award (translation: I hate the writers, get me out of this contract). Tough break for all them fans. At least you can start watching The Office now. She's certainly come a long way since her role as Steven Seagal's niece in Under Siege 2...

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