Saturday, April 25, 2009

URBAN LEGEND: Just Go Away Brett Favre

*Posted May 30, 2008*

Reports out of Green Bay this past week show that the Packers are keeping Brett Favre’s locker intact during their current mini-camp.Poor Aaron Rodgers, he was on top of the world prior to the 2005 NFL Draft.There was a general split prior to that draft between Rodgers and Utah quarterback Alex Smith.Smith went first to the 49ers and Rodgers fell to 24th to the Packers.A lot of people thought it was a good spot for Rodgers.He could have a year under the “great” Brett Favre and presumably take over the starting role in 2006.Three years later, Rodgers is still dealing with Favre.The “gunslinger” waited his good old time to decide whether to retire or play following the 2005, 2006, and 2007 seasons, and he is still looming over Rodgers and the entire Packers organization.

Some will say that Favre can do whatever he wants since he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.Even myself has fallen into this trap.I have often considered Favre to be one of the 3 greatest quarterbacks of all-time along with Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas.But as a I grow older, I am starting to look past the numbers, analyze results, and appreciate guys like Tom Brady and Joe Montana.Favre won 1 Super Bowl by defeating a weak AFC Champion in the Drew Bledsoe led New England Patriots.He lost one Super Bowl in which the Packers were 7 point favorites against John Elway and the Broncos.He just passed Dan Marino in many career passing categories, but has played in 15 additional games, almost an entire season more.Plus, Green Bay always passed, jacking up his numbers.Look at their running backs throughout the years, Edgar Bennett, Dorsey Levens, Ahman Green, Ryan Grant? C’mon.The game streak always pissed me off too.They are so overrated in every sport.Favre could have sat out some week when he was hurt, just like Cal Ripken could have done, I hate Ripken too, and guess what?It would have probably helped out their respective teams, God forbid.

I guess it is ok to be overrated, but it is time for Favre to disappear and let the Packers and Aaron Rodgers move on toward the future.The off-season hijacking needs to end.Many even think that Favre will play again, even as early as this year.Well Brett Favre, it is time for you to just go away.You can just go hang out with Mark Rypien, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, or anybody else that has won just 1 Super Bowl.You should not hang out with Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, or even Tom Brady, because you are simply not as good as them, and you have no business playing in the NFL anymore.

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